General Rules

1.1 MICROPHONE - A working microphone is required to play on the server, anyone unable to use a mic in-game will be kicked.

1.2 TROLLING - is not acceptable within the server - this is deemed at the discretion of the staff.

1.3 METAGAMING - Metagaming is not permitted under any form of circumstance, stream sniping is included within this rule

1.4 VISUAL MODS - Shaders and other related visual mods are permitted within the server, but any form of a mod that gives you an advantage over other players is disallowed. For example a crosshair.

1.5 COMBAT LOGGING - leaving the server to avoid arrest or RP is not permitted. In a situation where a player gets away from an incident where they're being chased/pursued, they must wait 15 minutes before they can logout. Players should not instigate roleplay situations if they do not have time to play it through. 

1.6 COMBAT STORING - Intentionally moving a weapon around without RP to avoid arrest or death is not permitted.

1.7 POWER GAMING - “Powergaming is a style of interacting with games or game-like systems, particularly video games, board games, and role-playing games, with the aim of maximizing progress towards a specific goal.” Power gaming is not permitted

1.8 VDM / RVDM / RDM - Random Death Match under any circumstance is not permitted, you must initiate every RP scenario, you cannot just kill someone without any form of RP. Unless permitted by a member of the ADMIN team.

1.9 BREAKING RP - You must never break character at any time in the server unless given permission by an admin, anyone constantly breaking this rule will be banned from the server.

2.0 DISRESPECT - any form of OOC disrespect is not permitted. Protected characteristics also fall into this. For example insulting someone's stutter, lisp or other related characteristics.

2.1 DEFAULTS - Default Danny's are not permitted to be robbed, the JOB CENTRE OUTSIDE AND IN IS A GREEN ZONE.

2.2 WHITELISTED ABUSE - being part of a whitelist is a privilege and should not be abused, any form of whitelist abuse, including stealing items with no RP and f6 menu abuse.

2.3 ROBBING POLICE - Robbing police is permitted if Roleplayed correctly, you must have a reason to do this, you CANNOT rob police weaponry but can RP taking them using /me YOU ARE FREE TO TAKE THEIR BATONS.

2.4 KIDNAPPING - Kidnappings are permitted within the city but must be roleplayed correctly, don't just kidnap someone for the sake of it. Use the /me command to roleplay taking comms etc.

2.5 BUSINESS ACTIVITIES - if you own a business or a whitelist within the city, you must set the highest of standards in the city in terms of Roleplay. Anyone failing to do this or abusing their position will be removed.

2.6 COP BAITING - cop baiting is not permitted under any circumstance, this rule is common sense and anyone caught cop baiting will be punished harshly. EX. Burnouts in front of police, wheelies, etc.  

2.7 UNREALISTIC PHONE USE - if you have had your phone taken off you through the use of /me takes comms or robbery you are not permitted to use your Bluetooth device. The same rule applies to prison. You cannot use a Bluetooth device while cuffed unless you have an earpiece in. When RPing with a Bluetooth device, make sure you’re saying it in-game too.

2.8 POLICE STATIONS - Crime events are permitted within the police station ONLY if authorized by an ADMIN or above. You are not permitted to Jump from the legion bridge into the police department. ONLY IF YOU RP IT CORRECTLY.

2.9 UNREALISTIC REVIVAL - When revived you are in medical custody meaning you can only leave when the EMS personnel allow you to, you must also Roleplay your injuries, if you have been shot in the head, burned alive or anything relating you are permitted as dead.

3.0 EMS KIDNAPPING - kidnapping a member of the NHS is permitted but must make sense and you must have a reason to. YOU CANNOT ROB A MEMBER OF THE NHS.


Green Zones - The following zones are non-crime, meaning no crime can be committed if an RP scene had been initiated prior to entering into a green zone this rule does not apply.

Los Santos customs (Interior ONLY)
All Hospitals (Interior ONLY)
All Police Stations (Exterior and Interior)        
EV Tuning (Interior ONLY)
Car dealer and PDM (Interior ONLY)
7. Taxi (Inside and past the gates)


3.1 VALUE OF LIFE / PROPERTY - You must always value your life/property (including cars) at all times, if someone has a weapon pointed at you (if the gun is down this rule does not apply) you must fear your life and others around you. YOU CANNOT PULL A WEAPON IF SOMEONE ALREADY HAS THEIRS OUT.

3.2 VALUE OTHER LIFE - If someone related to you, an officer, gang member or friend is being robbed, held up etc. with a knife or firearm you must fear their life as if it was your own.

3.3 MALICIOUS RP - any form of malicious RP is not permitted, this includes Roleplaying sexual assault, and or corrected characteristic.

3.4 IMPERSONATION OF EMERGENCY STAFF - Impersonation of the POLICE or NHS is not permitted unless given permission by an ADMIN.

3.5 SUICIDE RP - Suicide RP is permitted once given permission from an admin or above, upon death your account will be wiped. (Exclusives are not included in the wipe).

3.6 NEW LIFE RULE - Upon being killed or accidental death, if you are not revived by an EMS and respawn you must forget the RP event that led to your death. For example a kidnapping, mugging or gang shootout etc. You must also not reenter the location of your death or surroundings for 30 minutes.

3.7 AVOIDANCE - Passing money, weapons or items as you are about to die to save for your new life is not permitted, avoiding any form of RP using unpermitted methods is not permitted also.

3.8 RESTRAINTS - Restraints using / me are permitted, if restraints are not placed on you using /me you are permitted to try and escape IF the fear of life rule does not apply. So /me ties zip ties round hands etc. /e HANDSUP is not permitted

MISC. Server Rules

3.9 individual players are to initiate into an RP scenario. This means you can't just ram into a car to kill or help another player in their scenario.

4.0 Gunplay must be initiated and you must warn the other player before you take your first shot. This goes for all guns and weapons. You must warn the other player before you attack. Warning shorts apply to this rule IE warning shots at tyres etc.

4.1 If you leave a whitelisted job you must wait 5 days before applying to another. Unless agreed by an Admin.

4.2 If the police have a taser aimed at you (this is classed as a non-lethal) by RP standards you are ok to run but NOT to attack due to game mechanics. This does not apply to firearms.

4.3 If an officer asks for your ID by obtaining your DNA, you are to press f3 and show it. If You have never been arrested, this rule does not apply ONLY IF EMS ARE ONLINE.

4.4 Unwhitelisted gangs are limited to 5 members per gang, Whitelisted gangs are exempt from this rule due to the monitoring involved.

4.5 For any gang whitelisted / non-whitelisted to start a gang war, it must go through the kingpin (Gang admin)4.6 Gangs, Police, NHS, Mechanics and other whitelisted jobs are to abide by the ways they operate in real life. Failure to do so on 3 occasions will result in demotion and blacklisting from whitelisted jobs.

4.7 Any whitelist found giving any of their services away for free without good reason within RP will have their services taken off them until you have proved you can be trusted.

4.8 If you are employed into a whitelist, this job takes priority over anything else within the server.

4.9 You cannot refuse service to anyone unless for an RP reason, which is correctly roleplayed out. You are not permitted to refuse service for an argument which happened on discord.

5.0 Respect everyone on the server. We are all from different backgrounds. A little respect goes a long way. (This includes age, race, religion and any form of disability).

5.1 You are not to kill anyone in order to keep them there for an admin issue. Get their ID and when an admin is available we will bring all members for the discussion.

5.2 You will meet other characters in the game but don't just barge in other scenarios. Introduce yourself if the opportunity arises. If you see two other characters doing business, then it's probably not your place to be at that point.

5.3 The maximum amount of money you can ask for from the police in exchange for a hostage is £50,000 (per hostage).

5.4 Stealing an Aircraft is not permitted unless agreed by an Admin.

5.5 Medkits are only to be obtained and used by NHS  staff (On duty).

5.6 If you believe you should be compensated for items on the server, please provide proof of items with a video/screenshot with a timestamp included.

5.7 Do not use exploits or glitches in the game world. Anyone who is found to have knowledge of an exploit/glitch and does not report it will face a possible permanent ban from the server.

5.8 You must use /ooc for all out of character communication but kept to a minimum. This is mainly used by new players asking questions. Abusive comments will result in removal from the server. NO ARGUING IN OOC.

5.9 GTA driving: Vehicles are to be treated as if they were in real life. A super or hyper car would not go off-road at the speeds they can in real life. You wouldn't speed 100MPH through a city centre or go 200MPH on a motorway. Just because your car can do it doesn't mean IRL you would. Take it to a track like IRL for the full use of your vehicle's full performance. Driving on semi deflated tyres is not permitted and will face a kick from the server and further punishment.

6.0 Racial Slurs are not permitted OOC or In RP.

6.1 Military vehicles are strictly forbidden in the purposes of any form of robbery or any vehicle we deem unrealistic in the characteristics which the game dictates.

6.2 Bikes are strictly forbidden inside any form of the building when a robbery is in progress. They must be kept outside at all times before, during and after until needed for the getaway.

6.3 Lawyer RP is not permitted unless authorised an Admin.

6.4  SUICIDE RAMMING, (ANYTHING ABOVE 40MPH) is not permitted on the server and will result in a punishment.

Your name must be recognizable, Steam names must not involve misc symbols and your character's name must be realistic, this rule also applies to dates of birth.

6.6 You are not permitted to use the /register or /chardel command without permission from a mod or above, if you are found to be exploiting your character will be wiped.

6.7 No banks or shops etc are to be robbed until 15 mins after a restart.

6.8 You may only kill someone with a valid reason for example if they do not comply with your orders 2. If there is a valid RP reason behind it. IE gang killing, this is determined by a staff member on the scene.

6.9 To complain about someone in RP and have a recording you must have your phone or a form of camera out otherwise, this will be void. IF you are in an admin sit this rule is exempt. BODY CAMS are to only be used by Police and NHS.

7.0 Buying / Trading / Selling Items in-game for IRL Currency is not permitted and individuals caught doing this may be subject to punishment.

7.1 Abusing a GTA Mechanic or Server-side mechanic that does not relate to a real-life scenario. IE. Driving with 2 or more popped tyres, running into your house not allowing others to follow, spam punching, running, and jumping. May be subject to punishment.

7.2 Getting a job from someone's ID card is not permitted, anyone found doing this or using this to their advantage may face punishment.

7.3 Kicking people, using a hammer or melee to one-shot someone from a bike is not permitted due to the OP nature of the move.

7.4 You cannot use /me drags out of the car or anything within that realm, To force someone out of their vehicle the car must be stationary and you must hold a knife or gun to the person within close proximity (Knife must be directly close). THE WINDOWS MUST BE SMASHED.

All weapon sales must be authorized by a member of staff before the sale takes place. Regardless of this being a scam or a genuine gun sale. This is to protect the server from hacker guns being sold.

Believe a rule should be implemented into the server? Message an Admin on discord and we’ll take a look. Also, remember Staff can punish you for an unwritten rule which is not on this document. (Not all rules can be written, use common sense when playing within the server.)


  • Combat pistol

  • Advanced Rifle

  • Standard Pistol

  • Compact Rifle

  • SNS Pistol

  • Tasers

  • Sawn-off shotguns

  • Micro - SMGS

  • Mini SMGS

  • TEC-9